Solange Claustres

Book description:

In principle all well-known Traditions are based on ‘belief’. Gurdjieff’s teaching, however, is not a matter of belief, but of practising and experiencing what is taught with a discerning spirit, in order to understand, to become conscious and responsible for oneself.

-- This teaching involves ‘work’ on the three main parts or ‘centres’ of the human being: thought, emotion and body, enabling a deepening development of the whole.

-- This teaching has always existed. It surfaces in one form or another, according to the demands
and needs of time, place and changing civilisations, whenever humanity is out of balance and loses its reason and lucidity.

-- This teaching is neither religion nor philosophy: it can help us to further our understanding of our own Tradition. The essential is that it is practised in our current daily life, just as it is, without changing it. Becoming conscious is the aim of this teaching, transmitted orally and practically, from teacher to pupil within a group.

Solanges Claustres writes about her direct contact with Gurdjieff during the years from 1941 until his death in 1949. This is a valuable personal account of her inner experiences and impressions drawn from taking part in group meetings and Movements, as well as working closely with Gurdjieff at his Paris flat.

Today she has more than 60 years experience of being involved in this teaching. She led Movements classes from the very beginning, and took part in numerous Movements films. She has led her own work groups on Gurdjieff’s teaching in France, and has also directed Movements classes, and taken part in the guidance of work groups in England, Holland and the U.S.A.