GURDJIEFF His Work On Myself... With Others... For The Work
Irmis B. Popoff

Irmis B.Popoff met P.D.Ouspensky in March 1941 in New York and studied with him until his departure for England in January 1947.

Groups were small and there were no books. Ouspensky insisted: "Verify everything for yourself, do not believe anything," and admonished his students to "think, think" instead of being formatory. "Necessary to observe" was another piece of advice he would often repeat.

Mrs. Popoff also met Mme Ouspensky who taught at Franklin Farms, near Mendham in New Jersey.

After Mr. Ouspensky's return to England she studied with Willem Nijland and when G.I.Gurdjieff was in New York in 1948 she became his pupil and studied the Movements with him.

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