Beryl Pogson

A Fourth Way Interptretation of Shakespeare's Plays.

In this age of mass entertainment many people look to the theatre as a means of self-forgetfulness. Yet tradition tells us that the Drama was originally conceived to re-awaken in Man the memory of the purpose for which he was created. It revealed to him in allegory his relationship with the gods and sought to arouse him from the sleep of the senses, so that he might set forth on the journey towards his divine destiny.

Scholars and critics argue about the source of the plays, their authorship, their chronological order, the authenticity of the text, the technicalities of the verse, even the beauty of the language, but few enquire whether the plays contain an inner meaning.

In this book, Mrs. Pogson shows that Shakespeare wrote in the true tradition of Drama, using his art consciously with the aim of freeing Man from the illusions that hypnotize and distract him, so that he might have a clearer vision of the path of self-development to which all the Great Religions direct him.