Bob Hunter/Beryl Pogson

Compiled by Bob Hunter

Beryl Pogson and members of her Work group often used the image of a rogue elephant to symbolise the usually irresistible impulse that takes over the natural role of our emotions and plays havoc with our thinking.

However, Mrs Pogson (1885-1967) exchanged metaphor for plain talking when explaining how unpleasant feelings govern the lives of us all. Any who imagine themselves immune from the disruptive influence of negative emotions may well see new potentials in life when they read this selection of her talks on the
psychological teaching introduced by George I.Gurdjieff, Peter D.Ouspensky and Maurice Nicoll.

Her down-to-earth approach to esoteric techniques - readily applicable to everyday life - gives a fresh vitality to the practice of self-development. In this book she not only diagnoses humanity's chaotic emotional condition but shows clearly how to reconcile the contradictions between what we are and what we could and, readers may come to agree, should be. The focus is on a raising of consciousness, initially
by stopping the leakage of energy through negativity.

An example of Beryl Pogson's charming style is that her analogies to the regenerated inner life range from Gospel parables to the representation of the soul in the play Peer Gynt and the more conscious way of taking events depicted by the fairytaleTom Thumb.

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