From the introduction: "It is now more than 50 years ago that Gurdjieff and Ouspensky left this world. Since then an ever larger circle of persons became interested in the ideas of the fourth way as they are outlined in Ouspensky's book's In Search of the Miraculous and The Fourth Way.

While the three traditional ways of spiritual development demand retirement from the daily life, into a monastery or an ashram; the fourth way is found in daily life. Another difference is that on the fourth way no belief or blind obedience is asked from the participant.

The basis for going this way is one's own understanding. Admittedly, this is in the beginning very little, but taking in the ideas and verifying them by practice of the ideas, will change this.

These are not ideas for adjusting the personality although this may take place, but a new way of living. Leaving behind old patterns of habitual thinking, feeling and moving. It is not a spectacular way of life; the basis is our being adjusted to daily life and being capable in it: the householder."

Published anonymously and privately in 1970 and republished by Eureka Editions in 1997.